Record Store Day at Flatbush Farm, in Brooklyn

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

We’ll forgive you for not feeling festive after this sad, draining week. Even now, as Friday draws to a close amid an unending chain of aerial footage over Boston neighborhoods, the week seems almost unwilling to release us from its tragic grip.

Tomorrow however it will be Record Store Day and, while the time may not seem at all ripe for celebration, we hope the musical holiday and its many participating events and locations can offer you a place to find good company and spend time with those who matter.

And for those in Brooklyn, we hope to see you at Flatbush Farm, where a pop-up store in the Bar(n) will be housing vinyl and CDs from a slew of New York-based labels, as well as some print copies of our Fall-Winter issue. Kings County Swing, the pre-war jazz and blues strings trio, are set to perform, with supporting DJ sets from Eli “Paperboy” Reed and Bill Flynn. More information about the event, which kicks off at noon, is available here.

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