HASH Magazine Best of 2011 Playlist

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With the New Year on the immediate horizon we comb through our favorite albums from 2011, and get some help from the artists themselves. Listen and read all about it: www.hashmagazine.com


Issue 3 Track Review: CANT, “She Found A Way Out”

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The last song to be roped up from our latest season’s batch of tracks: “She Found a Way Out” by CANT:

“The Grizzly Bear member’s fetching falsetto trembles through ambivalent lines about separation and numbness that are well-suited to his taste in steely, gaping production…”

-Issue 3, p49

Issue 3 Track Review: Tim Hecker, “Sketch 4”

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Music for the post-holiday comedown. “Sketch 4” by Tim Hecker, off his autumn EP:

“[Its] stark piano sketches trace the skeletons inside Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972, from earlier in the year. Dropped Pianos EP (Kranky) derives its name from that album’s lead track, a static symphony that sounded as though a music box had been dropped into a vortex of crushing digital atmospherics.”

-Issue 3, p49

Issue 3 Track Review: Vanaprasta, “G-“

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Care to have your face melted? Of course you would:

“On their self-released debut, Healthy Geometry, the West Coast’s hardest-hitting five-piece tours a gamut of modern rock’s biggest influencers, evoking TV on the Radio one moment, Arcade Fire the next. On “G-,” Vanaprasta’s most explosive and inspired recording to date, they slink through…”

Issue 3, p49

Issue 3 Track Review: Apparat, “Black Water”

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Apparat – Black Water from Liberty Wilson on Vimeo.

Stream “Black Water” (above). What do you think of this glittering track by Sascha Ring (who records as Apparat)? Here’s what we think:

“… In some of the more sparkling moments in The Devil’s Walk (Mute), Ring teases his patented sonic grids of electro-patter. Expansive and lush, “Black Water” emanates a different elegance, cottoning ethereal layers and building over a steady current.”

– Issue 3, p48

Issue 3 Track Review: Carrousel “(15)”

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Choice Cut: “(15)” by Carrousel

“A duo from Tallahassee, FL, Carrousel does its best to cover up a saccharine—but crystalline—sense of melody on this Darling EP… On its Facebook, where the music is freely available, the band makes the recording of these songs seem tossed together—but this lullaby is majestically mawkish.”

-Issue 3, p48

Issue 3 Track Review: Ry Cooder, “John Lee Hooker For President”

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Decision 2012: Introducing the Blues Party.

“…Naturally, [Cooder’s] solution is John Lee righting the ship, and the inflection is flawless: ‘I’m strictly copastatic, I ain’t Republican or Democratic,’ goes the campaign–with scotch, bourbon, and beer for every woman and man.”

-Issue 3, p50

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